Q. Do you make international shipments?

A. Yes, we make international shipments, please keep in mind that international shipments take 2 weeks + depending on Customs Agents.

Q. Do you take returns and refunds?

A. Yes, we take returns on UN-USED units and we give a full refund minus shipping and handling charges. We do not charge restocking fees.

Q. What is the tip made of?

A. The tip is a quality 25 watt ceramic heating element.

Q. How long does the Herb-Iron take to heat up?

A. The Herb-Iron heats up in 6-8 seconds on cold start. After the first use of the session, it heats up almost instantly (220V versions take slightly longer to heat up).

Q. Does the Herb-Iron stay on? How does the switch work?

A. The H.I. uses a quality switch that is rated for 1 million clicks. The user must hold the button down in order for the unit to heat up. As soon as the user stops pressing the button, the unit cools down to the touch in 3-4 minutes. This helps prevent accidental damage and burns.

Q. What is the warranty on the Herb-Iron?

A. The Herb-Iron has an unmatched limited lifetime warranty. The H.I. is protected against wear on the cap, stand, body, and button for the life of the product. For example should you need a replacement cap, or stand, we will mail that to you free of charge. If the ceramic element stops working under normal use within 6 months, just contact us to send it back with the original sales invoice for a quick repair or exchange. We are so confident in the Herb-Iron that we even offer a 90 day “One Time Accidental damage exchange. If you drop your Herb-Iron and for example you break the ceramic tip off, just contact us and send it back with the original sales invoice and we will quickly repair or exchange it.

Q. How do I use the Herb-Iron to vaporize?

A. We like to hover the red hot ceramic heating element over the material we wish to vaporize, taking care not to touch the material. Or attach the glass Vaporizing Attachment (sold seperately).

Q. I lost my instructions manual, can you send me another one?

A. For your convenience we have the manual as a download on our website.

Q. How long does it take to get an Herb-Iron?

A. We strive for un-matched customer service so we go out of our way to accommodate the needs of our customers. Orders in the U.S. usually take 3-5 business days to process and ship. International orders can take 2-3 weeks unless expidited shipping is desired.

Q. Where is the Herb-Iron made?

A. The Herb-Iron is proudly made in California with American and quality foreign parts.

Q. Where is your Glass, Gear, and Accessories made?

A. Our Glass and Glass Accessories are made in Southern California in house, our Gear is printed on American made Pro Club®, Flexfit®, and Dickies®.

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